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3 Fun, DIY Things to Make For Dad this Father’s Day

3 fun DIY things make dad Father's Day

Getting to know Dad

We just celebrated Mother’s Day, and now it’s time to celebrate dads on Father’s Day! We scrounged the Internet and found some fun, easy DIY crafts to make dad’s day the best ever. Before you and the kids get started, though, be sure to sit down and ask dad about his favorites with this questionnaire we put together: Getting to Know Dad


After you’ve figured out his favorites, can put together some Father’s Day gifts that are made just for him! Here are a few ideas:


  1. A personalized picture frame. What’s great about this gift is that it can house any picture you’d like! What’s even better is that you can adorn a plain frame from a second-hand store or a craft store to your liking. Using your trusty glue gun, you can use rocks, twigs, puzzle pieces, buttons, etc. Take some of your new-found knowledge from the questionnaire to decorate your frame with some of dad’s favorite things. You can really use your imagination, paint, found objects, and more to create a one-of-a-kind frame for dad. Then, get a print of your favorite picture to place inside and get ready for a smile.
  2. A customized mug. For the coffee and tea lovers, you can decorate a mug!  Children can use paint, Mod Podge, or Sharpie to decorate, or even mold clay to create a custom mug just for dad. For the coffee drinkers, you can dip a few spoons or peppermint sticks in chocolate to give dad a tasty coffee stirrer. While the chocolate is still wet, sprinkle with chocolate chunks, caramel bits, sugar, or cinnamon for extra goodness.
  3. An adventure kit. For whatever dad likes to do best, put together a kit for the best outing ever. For dads who like to just hang out and watch movies, put together a movie basket/box that has all of his favorite drinks and snacks (all of which you should now know, thanks to the questionnaire!). For dads who like to get outside and hike, put together a bag full of snacks, drinks, and sunscreen. Use your imagination!


To accompany the hand-made gift, consider some breakfast in bed! Moms usually get breakfast in bed, but we’re sure dads would like it too! Before dad gets up, make his favorite breakfast and bring it to him in bed.


Dads play a special role in our lives, so we hope this Father’s Day, every dad feels loved and appreciated. How are you celebrating dad this Father’s Day? Share on our Facebook!

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