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5 Reasons Why STEM is Important in Elementary School

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – STEM is in every aspect of our lives and it is important to grasp a firm understanding of each topic at a young age. Science and mathematics are seen and used throughout our entire lives and technology is forever evolving. Engineering is used to build homes and bridges, even used in creating eco-friendly changes around our homes.

STEM classes at a young age are fun, hands-on and tailored to each students grade level. The topics are relevant and are designed to teach students how to solve and deal with real world situations that will arise in their lifetime. Delivering relevant and interesting topics at school help ensure that kids will stick with a STEM program throughout the remainder of their education. A ‘focus on fun’ approach is the best way to deliver all academics in the younger years, and STEM is no exception. Young students are naturally curious about the world and love to learn through classroom activities and in the outdoors. Activities such as experiments, building or collecting and discovering the outdoors are great ways to introduce these topics to young students.

Students who enroll in STEM courses tend to be more flexible, creative and can take advantage of ever changing technology. These courses also prepare students for the workforce, future jobs are expected to be more technology based. STEM jobs are growing each year by nearly 17%. STEM jobs have been male dominated in the past, but women are quickly filtering into the field.

We encourage all of our students to participate in STEM courses, not only does this help them later on down the road but it also makes learning more enjoyable.

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