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Your Back-to-School Supply Checklist for Elementary School Children

Your Back-to-School Supply Checklist for Elementary School ChildrenIt’s officially “back-to-school” season! If you have not begun your fall shopping for your elementary school child, or you have only been purchasing sale items until now, it’s time to get dedicated and restock your child’s supplies. Here is a checklist you can use to get your youngster everything he or she needs for the new school year:


Your child probably does not fit in last year’s fall clothes, so be sure to stock up on school clothes/uniforms, play clothes, good shoes, warm sweaters/jackets/raincoats, long johns, an art smock, and fun (and warm) accessories like scarves. It’s also important that they are prepared for our chilly Boston winters with items like an umbrella, some warm hats and a few pairs of gloves and mittens.

Backpacks or book bags

You know your child will be bringing home schoolwork and other projects, so make sure to get them a sturdy – and washable – backpack or book bag. If they are on sale, you may want to purchase a backup bag just in case a rip or malfunction makes their new bag unusable.

Tech gadgets

Many parents want their child to be reachable after school. There are pre-programmable cell phones for children that are great for a parent’s peace of mind. Additionally, your child may be old enough to take care of his or her own iPad, Kindle, or a laptop. Just be sure it is clear these are learning tools and that parental software is installed.

Notebooks, pencils, and more

Even though we are in the age of technology, paper comes in handy. You can make learning fun for your child by purchasing cool erasers, fun pencils, colorful highlighters, pencil cases, and pretty folders for holding their schoolwork.


Try to get a lunchbox that can fit in your child’s backpack or book bag. Also, this may be the perfect time to purchase things like freezer packs, a drink container with a spill-proof top, packs of hand wipes, and tissues to include in the lunchbox throughout the school year.

Tupperware or packaged snacks

Whether you prepare your child’s snacks at home or rely on pre-packaged foods, now is the time to stock up on things like tupperware, packaged chips, fruit snacks and more. Be sure to purchase anything you need to make sure your child stays well-fed and healthy when he or she begins school.

Clear plastic poly envelopes

While your child may have folders for his or her schoolwork, there are specific pieces of paper that you will want to see. This includes homework, papers that require a signature, school calendars, and more. Ask your child to put any paper that needs to be brought home with him or her in these plastic envelopes.

Misc supplies

There are always miscellaneous supplies that children need or want. Your child may need something in which to hold their asthma inhaler or he may require specific art supplies. Be sure to add such supplies to the list before you head off to shop.

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