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The Importance of Writing

Being a competent writer is one of the most beneficial skills a student can have. Writing is the primary basis of communication, history and art. The Delphi Academy of Boston strives to offer students the necessary skills they need to become great writers. It is a form of self expression and is a platform to. . . Read More

Is your child struggling or excelling in school?

The majority of students who are falling struggle with learning difficulties or are not able to focus because of things they either don’t comprehend or because they unknowingly skipped a stepped somewhere back in the lesson. If your child is only struggling with one subject an after school tutor could be extremely helpful in this. . . Read More

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? A History Lesson From Delphi Academy of Boston

  As the new year arrives, millions of people choose a New Year’s Resolution to inspire a healthy change in their life. Where did this tradition come from? And why do we continue to have New Years resolutions even though most of us give up on them by the end of January? While resolutions are. . . Read More

Recognizing Delphi Bostons Finest

Over the 2017 fall term, we have had the chance to celebrate numerous students for their outstanding academic achievements. Over 20 students have been honored with the Dean’s list award or have been recognized at their colleges for academic excellence. We are very proud! To receive the Dean’s list award students have to have turned. . . Read More

Holiday Crafts

Get kids excited for Christmas by counting down the days with fun holiday crafts. If you are interested in discovering new crafts to keep your kiddos occupied, look no further! Not only do kids love craft time, it is also a great chance for them to built their fine motor skills. It’s no secret that. . . Read More

Where Do Holiday Traditions Come From?

The students at Delphi Academy of Boston are history buffs. In researching various traditions of Christmas, we discovered this holiday has so many interesting origins. So, we just had to share! Many of the family holiday traditions that we see during the holiday season date back to the Victorian times. Gathering around the Christmas tree. . . Read More

The History of Thanksgiving

  Modern day Thanksgiving is celebrated with a large turkey meal surrounded by friends and family. It’s not about giving or receiving gifts, but about enjoying time with your loved ones. Pies and cakes were not traditionally on the menu but have become a hallmark statement.   Thanksgiving becomes an Official Holiday November of 1621. . . Read More

Manners Makeover

  If you feel like you have put learning basic table manners and social edicate aside, don’t worry! At Delphi Academy of Boston, we are always building character and practicing excellent manners. Here are just a few tips from the pros over here. Kids are clever and with a little bit of constant encouragement  they. . . Read More

Fall Arts and Crafts

Crafts are great, in or out of the classroom, for getting everyone into the autumn spirit! Simply designing pumpkins out of paper or sculpting clay can be a new, fun experience for kids. They will be so excited to get hands-on with crafts that they won’t even realize that they are educating themselves! Arts introduce. . . Read More

Boston Activities for the Fall

Soak in the gorgeous October weather, enjoy gold and crimson fall colors, and join the seasonal celebrations and festivals happening in Boston this month! There are parades, football games and loads of Halloween events. All give you great excuses to get outside and enjoy the last of the sunny weather! Discover Boston Each year Boston. . . Read More

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