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Is your child struggling or excelling in school?

The majority of students who are falling struggle with learning difficulties or are not able to focus because of things they either don’t comprehend or because they unknowingly skipped a stepped somewhere back in the lesson. If your child is only struggling with one subject an after school tutor could be extremely helpful in this situation. Schools have programs already put in place for students who may need extra attention. However, make sure the tutor helps your child go back earlier in the materials before he or she ran into trouble to locate any areas of confusion or any previous steps that may have been skipped due to missing a day for illness or vacation.

Most teachers are well-meaning, but they have lesson plans and have to move the class forward regardless of whether or not your child is out for the day and/or not understanding part of a lesson. With class sizes being full and looming tests, teachers often aren’t able to give the individualized help to each child that they would like to. If your child has missed a day of school or isn’t getting something that’s being taught, he has little holes here and there scattered throughout his education. These gaps begin to build up over time and can lead to serious trouble later on.

Signs that your child is falling could include

  • Refusal to talk about school
  • Sudden disinterest
  • Major attitude change regarding school
  • Trouble sleeping or eating
  • Excessive amount of time spent on school work

On the flip side of this, if your child is learning at a quicker pace than the other students in their classroom, their interest in school can decrease because they are not being stimulated by their school work.

Delphi Academy of Boston recognizes that, while well-meaning, traditional school systems are not able to give all of their students the support or attention they need. Education standards drop as more and more students struggle in a system that’s not designed with an individualized approach. At Delphi Academy, effective study tools are used to help children succeed  and forms, instead of grades, are used to prevent gaps in education form occurring. This is a personalized study program that allows students to work at their own pace while still meeting (often exceeding) state requirements.

Delphi Academy of Boston can administer a learning assessment for your child to diagnose how he or she is doing in each subject and tailor an academic program just for them. Contact us today to find out more.

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