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How To Choose The Best Summer Camp For Your Child

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For years, summer has be thought of as a time of the year where there’s no school and no worries – if you are a student at least. While kids may be excited that they get nearly three months off of school, it can be detrimental to their education the following school year. They hit what we call “the summer slump.” All of Delphi Academy of Boston’s summer camps incorporate academics to ensure that kids stay on top of their school and may even get ahead.

For kids, the ideal summer is full of swimming and endless adventures, but this tends to come along with more time spend it front of the T.V. Watching T.V. uses virtually no brain power. When you add minimal reading and no critical thinking, making it no surprise that numerous researchers have found that summer loss equaled about one month of classroom learning, and students tended to regress the most in math. Reading skills can quickly fall away – some studies stated the by the time students reached the 6th grade that the summer slump could of cost them to fall 2 grades behind.

During summer there tends to be no natural schedule that incorporates academics in your child’s routine. There are some easy ways to resolve this. Simply having discussions with your child exposes them to a more advanced vocabulary and answering all the “why” questions gets them thinking critically.

Delphi Boston includes academics in their summer camps to make sure students don’t fall into the dangerous summer slump. Losing a month worth of school knowledge can be detrimental the following fall. Summer at Delphi is one of the only academic summer camps to give students instruction in and personal reference books about the subject of how to study. This is a huge benefit for students when they engage math, science and even grammar. It allows them to process and fully comprehend what they are reading, not just memorizing the content.

We do our best to ensure that kids stay ahead. Incorporating academics into fun summer activities get students excited to engage and learn. Remember, use it or lose it.

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