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Delphi Boston Adventures!

Every day here at Delphi Boston is a new adventure. Whether that’s through the discovery of new lands in a story book, experiencing new ways to practically apply subjects to life or seeing unique sights while on one of our exciting field trips: there is always something new and exciting that our students are exploring. Here are a few fun activities to look out for this month on our social media accounts:

On February 6th we will be taking our Elementary and Middle School students to the Wheelock Family Theater to see the play Little Women. This will give a chance for our students to experience the selflessness demonstrated from the characters in this play as well as a brief view into a different time period. 

On February 20th the Lower School will be visited by Barn Babies giving our students the chance to experience some absolutely adorable animals, extending their reality of care into other dynamics of life. 

On February 28th we will have an all-school Friday dress up day! This will give our students a chance to dress professionally in order to get a fun taste of how they might dress while applying for jobs or going to work later on in life. It’ll give a chance to dream up what their future jobs might look like and where they may want to end up working as young adults. 

Stay tuned for updates through February. We are excited to explore new adventures with you this next month!

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