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Elizabeth Wu Completes Form 5


“I enjoyed Form 5 very much.  It was very educational and I learned many things I don’t think other children get to learn, such as manners, living skills and how to study efficiently.  That is very important.”

Elizabeth Wu – Form 5 Completion, Age 13


Being the first to finish Form 5 out of the seven Middle School students scheduled for completion this year, Elizabeth was announced with great excitement.

Finishing Form 5 is no small task.  It covers the entirety of Seventh and Eighth Grade. The Form exam alone can take a few weeks.  Elizabeth pushed herself, finished ahead of target, but more importantly, took extra time at the end to ensure that she was able to demonstrate the four points of character in the Delphi logo; Knowledge, Ethics, Integrity and Leadership. 

The Delphi Boston program culminates at Form 5.  All of the knowledge and abilities gained from Beginners on up coalesce into a student who can study anything independently and who is forever in charge of their own education.

When Elizabeth’s parents were asked, “Did you get what you expected out of the Delphi program?” They replied, “Yes, we did.  Elizabeth was having a hard time in public school because the learning pace was too slow for her. She would become bored and disrupt other students and always got in trouble.” 

“Now, Elizabeth is able to study at her own pace and study effectively.  She never complains about being bored.”


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