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Form 6 Student ‘Makes A Difference’ In Many Ways


Olivia demonstrates responsibility not only for her own education but for the community at large.  This year she took on three community service projects that span a wide gamut.  The first was a recycling project.  Because of Olivia’s passion to care for the planet a school wide system is now in place and awareness about conservation is prevalent amongst the entire school community.

The second project she took on is raising awareness about hunger statistics.  To this end she is a Feed The Need Volunteer.  Over the past several years she has helped to sort and box over 8000 cans that were distributed to local food pantries.

Finally, Olivia volunteers one full day a week at an assisted living community.  She cheerfully helps residents to their rooms, delivers packages, reads to the guests and organizes fun activities.  For this service Olivia received a "Make A Difference Award" from the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.

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