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Four Ways Kids Can Help Out This Mother’s Day

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Does your family have a favorite Mother’s Day tradition? Maybe you always go to the same restaurant for Sunday brunch or only give her purple gifts. Traditions are cherished for a reason, but consider giving your children a little more responsibility this year. Letting your kids, no matter their age, assume an active role in the day’s festivities provides an opportunity to let them show their appreciation in a more personal way. Here are four ways your kids can help out this Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in bed. It’s a time-honored Mother’s Day tradition for a reason. It’s a sweet gesture that’s always valued. There are so many different breakfast foods that kids of every age can help out in one way or another to make Mom’s favorite meal.

Go for a hike. Hikes are a classic option on Mother’s Day, especially after a brutal winter like the one we, and the rest of New England, just went through. If your son or daughter helps choose the location, you’ll be surprised how much planning they’ll put into the decision.

Homemade cards. Skip Hallmark this year. A homemade card is always more heartfelt and appreciated than simply signing the family’s name at the bottom. When your child makes their own Mother’s Day card, they have total creative freedom to express their love. It’s up to them what makes the cut so they can include fun inside jokes and fond memories instead of a store-bought poem.

Plant a flower. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. A bouquet might not last a week, but planted flowers will show up year after year as a sweet reminder. Not only is it a chance for the family to share a fun experience, it’s also an opportunity to get a quick science lesson in! If you’re stumped on what to plant, take a look at our Gardening board on Pinterest.

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