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Four Fun Activities for You and Your Child to Do At Home

Fall is about to start. The weather will get chillier, your child will be back to school and your family will most likely begin to stay indoors more often. This is the perfect time to connect with your child through fun indoor activities. Here are four projects that both you and your child will enjoy as the weather cools:

1. Bake or cook together

Children of any age can participate in making many types of foods and baked goods. For example, a younger child can mix wet and dry ingredients together while an older child may be able to stir a hot pot. Here is a great way to get started on your cooking adventure:

  • Begin by choosing recipes you and your child can make safely. This could be anything from baking cupcakes to creating bread to making an entire meal.
  • Ask your child to choose which recipe he or she wants to make that evening.
  • Once they have chosen, give your child age-appropriate tasks. He or she could mix ingredients, make salad dressing, chop vegetables or boil an egg. Just make sure your young one understands what safety measures he or she needs to take.
  • Start cooking!

2. Redecorate your child’s bedroom with him or her

Children have an incredible imagination. Give your child free expression by asking him or her to redecorate their personal space. You can pick a fall theme or ask your child to choose a theme. Establish any obvious rules (no painting the carpet, no structural changes) and let their imagination run wild!

3. Work on an art project

Try out a new art project with your youngster. Painting, creating shapes in clay, collage, free-building with Legos and more can be translated across ages. Just make sure you join in as well! You may want to help your young one or, if you’d rather they let their creativity flow, you can use the same medium to make your own art and see what you both come up with.

4. Plan an indoor night

There are more indoor activities than we can possibly list here. Create your own list on Pinterest or in a planner and check off one activity each assigned “indoor night”. Some fun suggestions are:

  • Roast marshmallows in your fireplace
  • Build a couch fort
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Play board games
  • Do a puzzle together
  • Play charades
  • Make tie-dyed shirts
  • Bob for apples
  • Build a Lego package
  • Experiment with a science kit
  • Create a scrapbook with pictures taken over summer
  • Pick a fun (child-friendly) song and have a dance-off

These are just some of the many, many ways you and your child can connect over indoor fun this fall.

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