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Fun Ways to Get Active Outside This Summer

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Summer is in full swing so there’s really no reason to stay inside. When your kids aren’t at summer camp, go through this list of outside-the-box ways to get active during the summer. Soak in the sunshine and have fun!

1. Convert classic games into water games

  • Tag – Play with a squirty water bottle or squirt gun. The person who’s “it” tries to squirt everyone else.
  • Limbo – Use a hose that squirts a straight stream as the limbo pole.
  • Dodge ball – Use soaked sponges instead of balls.
  • Piñata – Create a water balloon piñata by tying water balloons on a string that you attach somewhere high and have kids whack at them until they break, giving them a refreshing splash.

2. Make classic indoor games oversized

  • Memory – Make your own memory cards by writing or drawing on large pieces of paper to lay out in the yard and find the matches.
  • Jenga – Use two by four wood blocks to make a large jenga tower. To switch it up, write different actions on some of the blocks so when it gets pulled from the tower that person has to do the action. Some ideas can include jumping rope, running to a point and back, squirting someone with a water gun, throwing a water balloon at someone, doing a cartwheel, etc.
  • Yard scrabble – Create your own large letter tiles to use to play scrabble on the lawn.

3. Scavenger or treasure hunt

Take a little time to organize a list for a scavenger hunt around your yard or park. Use a nature theme or get creative to involve specific things around your area. For teenagers make it a photo scavenger hunt around town where they have to take a picture doing each thing on the list. Or set up a treasure hunt where you leave clever clues around to lead them to the ultimate prize!

4. Bike ride and wash

Going for a bike ride is great fun and exercise for kids. But when it’s hot out you need a way to cool off afterwards. Suggest a bike wash when they return to get wet and finally wash off that dirt that’s been caked on their bikes forever.

5. Lemonade stand

Help your kids set up a lemonade stand on a street corner or at a neighborhood park. Get creative with other things to sell like flowers or goodies like rice crispy treats!

6. Music or movie in the park

Check out your local newspaper for a weekly concert or movie in the park. They’re usually free and are great for the whole family.

7. Camp in the backyard

Don’t have free time to go camping? Set up the tent in your backyard and let your kids have some freedom camping “by themselves.”

8. Get artsy

Go wild with art projects outside! Fill water balloons with paint and throw them at a canvas set up on the grass or somewhere you don’t mind a little extra color. Or tie-dye shirts!

9. Go berry picking

Who doesn’t love fresh fruit? Find a local farmer who provides u-pick and take your kids berry picking for whichever fruit is in season.

10. Create a solar oven and use it

Use a box knife or sharp scissors to cut a flap in the lid of the pizza box. Cover the inner side of the flap with aluminum foil so that it will reflect rays from the sun. Use clear plastic wrap to create an airtight window for sunlight to enter into the box. Then try cooking an egg or s’mores!

Another great way to get your kids active this summer is to sign them up for summer camp. Learn more about the Delphi Boston Summer Camp here.

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