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Holiday Crafts

Get kids excited for Christmas by counting down the days with fun holiday crafts. If you are interested in discovering new crafts to keep your kiddos occupied, look no further! Not only do kids love craft time, it is also a great chance for them to built their fine motor skills.

It’s no secret that Santa loves cookies and any craft store will have customizable plates. Buy a plain white plate along with paint or markers, then let the kids create their own designs! At the end of the day, serve Santa’s favorite dish on something that was homemade and full of fun memories.

If you want a treat that looks good and tastes good, try creating this Candy Christmas Tree Snowglobe! All you need is one mason jar, white chocolate peanut butter cups, any other treats you’d like to add and some ribbon. Assemble the candy tree using the largest peanut butter cup as the base layer. Add as many levels and goodes for decor as you like! When the tree is decorated, put a small dot of frosting on the lid to secure the tree then screw the lid onto the jar – and wahla!

Let your little chefs get creative this year. Let them help bake batches of cookies then provide them with multiple holiday animal cut outs and treats to decorate their cookies with. Kids have great imaginations so there will never be a dull moment! It is amazing to see your little chef hard at work with frosting and sprinkles.

One of the most famous holiday crafts has to be building a gingerbread house. This tradition has been around for decades! You can build a house from scratch or buy a box with all the needed supplies from the store. The crisp gingernut cookie is baked into shapes for perfect construction. The frosting holds all the pieces together and then it is ready to be filled with treats.

No matter what holiday craft idea you choose, the kids are guaranteed to have fun. Crafts make for a great weekend or afternoon activity that the whole family can enjoy!

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