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Holiday movies to watch with your kids.


As leaves change and drift to the ground, and the snowy season approaches, thoughts of getting cozy by the fire with a warm cup of tea and a good movie sound heavenly. Here are some perfect classics to check out this holiday season with the kids:


  • It’s a Wonderful Life. Although a bit dark in the beginning, this movie ends on a positive note. Turn on this black and white classic to be reminded there’s more to the holiday season than getting new things.
  • Elf. A hilarious film with undertones of deep truths surrounding the holiday season, family, love and friendship. After watching this film, you’ll find you always have a place in your heart for the man raised by elves in the North Pole.
  • Polar Express. Experience the adventure of taking a fantastic train ride up to the North Pole with a young boy. We promise you won’t regret watching this magical animated tale.
  • A Christmas Story. The situations in this movie are very real and funny. They are guaranteed to leave both you and the kiddos laughing, cringing and crying with the characters.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas. This classic directed by Tim Burton takes an interesting twist on the holiday season. You start the journey in Halloween Town where you meet interesting and compelling characters at every turn. Another great film with underlying truths about the holiday season and what it really means.



We hope your holidays are filled with happiness and joy and make sure to check out these movies this holiday season.


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