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How to Boost Your Child’s Natural Creativity

Every parent knows that their child is naturally creative. He or she may enjoy building structures with blocks, drawing pictures, making shapes with Play-Doh and more. The last thing you want is for your child to lose his or her natural creativity. It can feel that daily structure is dulling your youngster’s edge. Instead of worrying about their creative juices drying up, try the following:

Stay unplugged

Screens surround us these days. We have phones, computers, TVs, iPads, GPS’s, Kindles and more constantly intruding upon daily life. Take time to unplug and help your child do so as well. Take him or her out into nature. Go out on an after-dinner walk with your youngster. Head to the park. Play hide and seek on rainy nights.

Give your child time daydream

The modern world makes many of us feel as if we have constant obligations and continue to cram our minds with information. Your youngster may feel this way if you whisk him or her from school to after-school activities to homework and then to bed. Give your child a few screen-free nights with nothing to do and nowhere to go. You may be surprised by the creativity they express from these moments of so-called “boredom.”

Keep up naptime

Many youngsters feel they are “too old” for naptime, but – as every adult knows – no one is too old for a nap. Allow your child a 20 minute nap before they do their homework to help them reset and stimulate right-brain activity.

Allow your child to be creative

Many kids doodle on the back of napkins, have impromptu karaoke sessions or break out into dance. Let your kid be a kid as much as possible. We understand that some behavior is not appropriate in particular situations – and it’s important to teach your child what is polite and what is not. But, when those situations are over, let him or her unleash their creative expression. Who knows, maybe you can join in the fun!
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