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How to Get Ready for School After Summer Vacation

How to Get Ready for School After Summer VacationCan you believe that it’s August already? We can’t either. However, with our summer camp winding down, our students, parents and teachers are all working hard to get into that back-to-school mindset. It’s not easy! So, here is a quick “how to” on easing your child’s way back into the school schedule:

Help Your Child Wake Up Earlier

You may have been getting up at the same time every day this summer, but your child could have been sleeping in. Help your youngster ease into the earlier waking schedule by gradually putting him or her to bed and waking them up earlier. That way, when it’s time to return to school, they will feel rested.

Begin Timing Snack and Lunch Time

At school, children are on a specific food-related schedule. Get your child back on this eating schedule by timing it yourself, informing sitters, or asking your elementary-school aged child to stick to a schedule.

Get Centralized

Every school has a calendar. They also often send children home with report cards, permission slips and more which you need to see. Set up a space to keep calendars and important school information now – and start to use it as you schedule the rest of your summer activities. This calendar area will help your family stay organized throughout August – and the school year.

Clean Out Fall Clothing That No Longer Fits

Children grow like weeds and your child probably doesn’t fit in last year’s school clothes. Ask them to help you clean out anything that no longer fits them, from winter coats to worn-out sneakers. You can have them help you package everything up and donate it to charity or bring it to a textile recycling center.

Do a Practice Run

The last thing you want to do on the first day of school is be late getting your child to the bus stop or school parking lot. Do a test run one morning to make sure you know what it takes to get your child to school – and you to work – on time.

We know that changing from a summer to a fall schedule can be a tough transition on every parent. With this “how to” and with our upcoming article on back-to-school supplies, we hope to help ease the transition for parents and students alike!

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