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How to Keep Your Child Learning During Summer Vacation

How to Keep Your Child Learning During Summer VacationSummer is just around the corner. While children often have an entire season off, most parents have to keep working and therefore are not able to allot the time a school teacher may be able to dedicate to keeping up their child’s education over the summertime. However, there are ways that parents with a full-time job can keep their child learning throughout the summertime.

Send Your Youngster to Camp

Summer camp is a great place for children to forge new friendships, gain practical knowledge, and keep up with their academic studies. Here at Delphi Academy of Boston, we offer a summer camp specially designed to allow for summer fun while also fostering academic participation among our campers. Get all of the details here.

Give your Child a Library Card

Libraries have long been a huge influence on children’s reading skills. By taking your child to the library and giving him or her the accountability of a library card, you are not only keeping up their reading skills – you are allowing them to demonstrate responsibility. Many libraries also have summer reading programs for your child to join.

You can go a step farther and create a family-wide book club. Take turns as each family member picks a child-friendly book. Every member must read the book and discuss the characters and storyline. Just remember to assign someone to bring snacks!

Going on Vacation? Ask Your Child to Plan a Trip

If the whole family is going on vacation, ask your child to help out by planning a day trip somewhere. Depending on your child’s age, they can plan multiple stops, create a map and research open hours and prices. Just be sure to give them a budget if it’s a multi-stop day trip! This will sharpen your child’s critical thinking skills and teach him or her life lessons about preparation, money, and more.

Try Journaling

Ask the whole family to keep a journal this summer. This may not be the most exciting activity if you or your spouse are simply working all day, but be sure to record the fun times – and even the boring times. Ask your child to do the same and share your journal entries at the end of each week. This will help your child improve his or her writing and drawing skills, while also including your youngster in your life – even when you are away from him or her.

Head to the Museum or the Zoo

Take advantage of your work-free evenings and weekends by taking your child to educational locations like the museum, a play, or the zoo. Many locations have summer hours that will allow you to have fun and learn with your child – even if you have to work during the day. We cannot recommend the Boston Children’s Museum or either of the zoos in New England enough!

These are just a few great ways to continue your child’s education over the summer this year. If you are interested in signing up to our 2016 summer camp this year, don’t delay! Click here for your admissions application.

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