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Is Summer Camp Worth It?

Is Summer Camp Worth It?We all have fond memories of long, lazy summer days. Many of us also have great memories of fun and friends at summer camp or summer school. However, as a parent it can be hard to judge what kind of memories you want to provide your child.

Summer Learning Loss Happens Every Year

Did you know that summer activities like camp or school are more valuable than just making sure your young one is supervised while you are at work? Students who take all summer off to play and relax come back to school with lowered reading, spelling, and math abilities. They also tend to score lower on standardized tests at the end of vacation than they did at the beginning of summer break.

Often, the first several weeks of back-to-school work is a “catch-up” activity where your child must not only try to re-learn his or her lost skills, but continue to move forward and learn from there.

Summer learning losses aren’t temporary. Children need additional time not often afforded by schools to re-learn their lost abilities. Summer learning loss can accumulate and affect learning ability throughout a student’s life.

Summer Camp Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer camp stimulates student’s minds and bodies and encourages them to learn throughout the year. This can help prevent the loss of math and reading skills over the summer. This is because camp focuses on academic learning, real-world education and on physical exercise. Summer camp stimulates the brain in more ways than one.

Additionally, because campers have a shorter learning period than they would at school, they are able to zero in on improving specific skills. This not only fights summer learning loss, it helps youngsters advance their competence in specific areas. So, when they get back to school in the fall, they have actually gained knowledge over summer.

Battling summer learning loss with summer camp is a huge benefit to your child. They learn, make new friends, and have a ton of fun! Find out about the Delphi Academy of Boston summer camp by clicking right here.

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