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What Makes Us Different?

There have always been debates arguing about which type of schooling is more beneficial – public or private. While each have their pros and cons, Delphi Academy of Boston strives to offer the most complete education to students. What makes us different? We use a unique Study Technology Program to close gaps in education, give students a competitive edge and work with students to help them to grow into young adults with integrity.

Whether students are with us for summer camp or year round, they start their curriculum with classes designed on teaching them effective study skills. These classes point out any barriers students might be facing when trying to master a subject. Using L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology program, students close gaps in their education and progress to harder curriculum with a solid foundation. Identifying barriers of learning is the first step in overcoming them.  

Delphi offers a rounded curriculum to students of all ages. Topics such as science, math and different humanities are presented – even to our youngest students. In addition to traditional academic subjects, students get training in practical areas such as communication, manners, computers, nutrition and organization. Ethics, logic and research, which are often considered advanced topics, are not only offered but are introduced early on.

Individualized programs are used to ensure that each student is getting the most out of their education. This allows students to work at their own pace and not get left behind like in a traditional class setting. Every student works with faculty to create a program that is based on their interests, strengths and weaknesses. This is assessed through diagnostic testing and interviews. Students who arrive from another school often discover “gaps” in their education, meaning they haven’t mastered a topic. Identifying and repairing these gaps is an initial task that creates a solid foundation and confidence moving forward.

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