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The Many Benefits of Gardening with Your Children

benefits of gardening with your children

Delphi Boston uses a hands-on approach to teaching. Both at home and in school, learning can be fun and interactive! Looking for a way to teach your kids about science and the importance of caring for living things? Gardening will do just the trick!


To celebrate April being National Garden Month, here are the top research-proven reasons why gardening is great for your kids:

  1. It teaches children (and adults) about ecology, nutrition, and the interconnectedness of life on our planet, all the while demonstrating that good things come from hard work, patience, and persistence. Gardening provides a wonderful opportunity for learning and can increase the desire to learn.
  2. Gardening is a team effort, so children learn to work better with others toward a common goal. This can help with socialization, communication, and planning.
  3. It offers a chance to bond with our children. Doing activities together deepens the relationship between parent and child by creating  positive memories. Introducing our children to gardening early on can also instill an appreciation for nature and concern for our planet’s well-being.
  4. Gardening gets the kids outdoors. Technology consumes our daily lives, and it can be a challenge to get everyone outside. With a garden they plan, plant, and tend, a sense of ownership and pride can go a long way to encourage children to get active and away from the glowing screens that surround us.
  5. Children who garden are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. Especially if grown themselves, eating food they cared for and cultivated is just more fun.


All these things contribute to happier humans, which is something money can’t buy. Community gardens, school gardens, or your own home garden are all great ways to introduce your tiny humans to the wonderful world of horticulture and will create a lifelong desire for environmental stewardship.


For more information on National Garden Month, visit the National Gardening Association’s website. Want to read the research on gardening and the positive impact it has on children for yourself? Check out the  Children and Nature Network’s Benefits of Gardening fact sheet here.


For more information about Delphi Boston’s curriculum, take a look at what it entails to give your child the best in education. Questions? Get in touch!

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