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Delphi Parents Gain Valuable Tools


On Saturday, November 8th, Delphi Academy of Boston held its annual Study Technology Workshop, based on the Works of L. Ron Hubbard, for parents, friends and family of Delphi students.

Below are some success stories of the attendees.  I hope you enjoy them.

"I learned how to identify the three most important and critical barriers for learning and how to cope with them.  I will be able to utilize these simple methods to help both my child and myself to deal with the difficulties in the process of learning in our lives. Thank you!" — H.X.

"I have learned a systematic approach to learning.  This approach will help me confront barriers in my own learning by encouraging me to take steps that I know I should to understand information.  The workshop has also provided me with a systematic approach to helping others understand what they are trying to learn." — S.B.

"I began this class to learn how to be more effective in my classroom and I wanted to become a better student in the future.  The class has certainly been very effective in achieving these two goals.  I will easily be able to identify the three primary obstacles to learning in the future and I will have solutions for my students.  I will also be able to identify when I am struggling with my studies and quickly be able to get on the right path." — R.H.

"I would like to thank Delphi Academy for holding such a great workshop!  I have just gained information that will help me in my studies and to help my child and those who I come in contact to better themselves.  Learning is the process making things around you better.  Having the proper knowledge and knowing how to use it is vital in life. Thank you." — L.W.

"What I have learned and gotten from this workshop is that nothing is too hard.  You must take it one step at a time.  If you pass over words that you don’t know then you might not understand the things that come ahead.  I also realized that you never stop learning and life gets harder as you live, so the methods will come in handy when something is misunderstood during your day to day life.  I feel that I will use these teachings in college and after college as well.  I will teach these things to my friends and family to enrich their lives and help them to understand what is misunderstood." — J.P.

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