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Why We Focus on Practical Application in Schooling

Why We Focus on Practical Application in SchoolingThe Delphi Academy of Boston teaching philosophy includes helping children to develop their ability to evaluate information against how that information will be useful in the real world. We focus on practical application in our schooling for several reasons. These are:


Students who learn rote knowledge are not empowered to use that knowledge. By enabling our students to apply information on a practical basis, we can help them discover why the things they are learning are useful.

Here’s an example of how understanding the practicality of education can empower a student: Many people remember being told they were studying math because “they don’t want to get short changed.” However, this does not cover all of math. For example, why are geometry or learning percentages necessary? By showing students real-world examples of how they can apply math to the world around them, to science and even to art, they can see its value and become excited to learn more arithmetic.

Keeping Things Exciting

Education is one of the most exciting things any individual can do in their lives. However, many students around our nation are getting “burned out” or feel as if school doesn’t matter. That’s not what happens here at Delphi Academy of Boston. We work with each and every student to challenge them and keep them thinking about how the information they have learned can help them improve their lives. This keeps their education lively, engaging, and practical. It helps avoid the student apathy experienced in many other schools.

Gaining Competency

Our mission is to give your child a strong educational foundation to reach their full potential. One of the major contributors to achieving this goal is helping your child gain competence and confidence in their education. By providing practical ways they can use this education, our students learn how they can be competent in real life, not just at school. This is how great scientists like Marie Curie and Albert Einstein came to be — not through schoolwork but practical knowhow.

Find out more about our approach to education. Come to our upcoming open house on December 4th from 12-2 PM.

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