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Recognizing Delphi Bostons Finest

Over the 2017 fall term, we have had the chance to celebrate numerous students for their outstanding academic achievements. Over 20 students have been honored with the Dean’s list award or have been recognized at their colleges for academic excellence. We are very proud! To receive the Dean’s list award students have to have turned in all their work on time throughout the whole month and be ahead of their personalized study plan.

Delphi Academy of Boston strives to be an inclusive and engaging place to learn. We have effective study techniques that offer students a hands-on approach to learning. With independent study programs, each student learns at a pace that is best suited for them. Teachers ensure that each student has a firm understanding of the basics of each subject before they move onto new information, this prevents any gaps in the child’s education. Our students are very bright and continue to be at the top of their class when they transfer to higher education.

As our academy continues to grow each year, our teachers work harder to provide one-on-one attention to each student. This not only makes the child feel like their attendance and dedication to school matters but has also been proven to boost grades. Thank you to all of our Delphi Boston teachers!

2017 has been a terrific school year and all of us at Delphi Boston cannot wait to see what 2018 has instore. Our students continue to amaze us.

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