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A Summer Without “I’m Bored”

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Summer activities and trips that are both fun and educational for your kids are essential to creating a summer that lacks the complaint of boredom. Bike riding down sunlit neighborhood streets, laughing, stopping for a fresh sip of lemonade. Running down beaches blown by the cool breeze, kite in hand, giggles, and screams as the cold water reaches little toes. Treasure hunts through the deep forest that is the backyard; pirates in the making. Little hands getting dirty, mixing paint and sketching across the hot ground with chalk. Making connections with new friends. These all add up to lasting experiences that our kids will remember when reaching adulthood. It’s important that as parents we help to create this type of summer for our kids! But how do you even start on creating a summer like this?

Delphi Boston’s summer program will help ensure your children have that unforgettable summer you’re looking for. Filled with educational and fun activities they won’t forget. From the beach to the classroom, we know how to mix fun with learning in a way that creates the summer of your child’s dreams! http://delphiboston.org/summer/

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