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Your Back-to-School Supply Checklist for Elementary School Children

It’s officially “back-to-school” season! If you have not begun your fall shopping for your elementary school child, or you have only been purchasing sale items until now, it’s time to get dedicated and restock your child’s supplies. Here is a checklist you can use to get your youngster everything he or she needs for the. . . Read More

How to Get Ready for School After Summer Vacation

Can you believe that it’s August already? We can’t either. However, with our summer camp winding down, our students, parents and teachers are all working hard to get into that back-to-school mindset. It’s not easy! So, here is a quick “how to” on easing your child’s way back into the school schedule: Help Your Child. . . Read More

Planning Ahead – How to Get Your Child’s Year Started Out Right

This year is already zipping by. We know how it goes! 2015 wrapped up, then we all scrambled to make our resolutions in January and now that February is almost over, it feels like January 1st was just yesterday! Instead of letting the year get away from you, take time now to organize your child’s. . . Read More

The Back-to-School Must Have Supplies for 2015

School is starting very soon and that means back-to-school shopping and preparation! Here is a list of back-to-school must haves, and a few ideas to brighten up the same old supplies: Back-to-school clothes shopping can be overwhelming. Get 10-15 basics for your kids and switch them up for a workable wardrobe that doesn’t break your. . . Read More

How to Transition from a Competency-Based Education Program

Many parents have concerns about the transition from a competency-based education program to a traditional school system. Though a program based on proficiency, like at Delphi Boston, rather than time-spent is very different from your standard public school, that doesn’t mean the transition once a student graduates from Delphi has to be difficult. Here are. . . Read More

Think Outside the Box With These Back-to-School Activities

Summer’s almost over and it’s time to start thinking about school. Finding the right icebreaker activities is important for new and returning students. Here are some back-to-school activities that are sure to delight every student: The M&M Game: This is a fun way to get students to share facts about themselves. Buy a few bags. . . Read More

Top Tips on How to Make Friends at a New School

Going to a new school can be stressful. There are new teachers, new classes, and all new people. Making new friends is something we all do, whether it be in elementary, middle, or high school. Even college students have to make new friends! It may seem a little scary, but we have you covered. Here. . . Read More

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