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Summertime Lessons to Teach Your Child

Summer vacation doesn’t have to be a break from learning. It’s actually better for your child if he or she keeps learning over the season. While we have provided tips in the past on how your youngster can keep learning more traditional activities like writing, reading and math over summer, here we have several techniques. . . Read More

How to Keep Your Child Learning During Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. While children often have an entire season off, most parents have to keep working and therefore are not able to allot the time a school teacher may be able to dedicate to keeping up their child’s education over the summertime. However, there are ways that parents with a full-time. . . Read More

End of the Summer Educational Activities

Have the lazy days of summer gotten too lazy? Believe it or not, kids who aren’t engaging in educational activities are losing some of what they’ve gained over the past year. Instead of your kids having to do catch up when school starts, why not give them some activities during the summer to keep their. . . Read More

Ocean 101: Are You Prepared?

Planning on going to the beach this summer? Whether you’re new to the beach or go all the time, you can benefit from some of these ocean tips: Safety First Don’t turn your back on the ocean – The ocean is unpredictable and big waves can come out of nowhere. Make sure you’ve got your. . . Read More

Fun Ways to Get Active Outside This Summer

Summer is in full swing so there’s really no reason to stay inside. When your kids aren’t at summer camp, go through this list of outside-the-box ways to get active during the summer. Soak in the sunshine and have fun! 1. Convert classic games into water games Tag – Play with a squirty water bottle or squirt. . . Read More

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