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Welcome Summer with These Summertime Activities for Your Family

Summer break is right around the corner, with most Boston schools closing from June 22nd through September 7th. While most children treasure summer break, parents often do not know how to keep their young one occupied during the summer months. Here are several fun – and educational – activities that your child can participate in. . . Read More

Is Summer Camp Worth It?

We all have fond memories of long, lazy summer days. Many of us also have great memories of fun and friends at summer camp or summer school. However, as a parent it can be hard to judge what kind of memories you want to provide your child. Summer Learning Loss Happens Every Year Did you. . . Read More

How to Keep Your Child Learning During Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. While children often have an entire season off, most parents have to keep working and therefore are not able to allot the time a school teacher may be able to dedicate to keeping up their child’s education over the summertime. However, there are ways that parents with a full-time. . . Read More

Fun Ways to Get Active Outside This Summer

Summer is in full swing so there’s really no reason to stay inside. When your kids aren’t at summer camp, go through this list of outside-the-box ways to get active during the summer. Soak in the sunshine and have fun! 1. Convert classic games into water games Tag – Play with a squirty water bottle or squirt. . . Read More

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