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The Unexpected Benefits of Preschool


We believe you can never start educating a child too soon. Every parent must compare the pros and cons between a standard daycare provider and a preschool for kids who aren’t yet ready for kindergarten. There are unexpected benefits of preschool that ordinary daycares just can’t provide.

  1. Preschool offers a chance for students to gradually adjust to school structures. It can ease the transition for children and parents alike who may not have other childcare experiences.
  2. Unlike other childcare choices, however, preschool is the first opportunity for many children to learn how to be students. Studies have shown that preschoolers enter kindergarten better prepared academically. They come into school with a jump-start on math and reading skills.
  3. Beyond academic readiness, preschoolers know how to act accordingly in a classroom. They start raising their hands, take turns with their peers and share the teacher’s attention.
  4. Academic structure is balanced by more unstructured playtime in a preschool. This provides a chance to develop social and behavior-management skills at such a transitional phase.
  5. Preschool offers a safe space for kids to explore and build confidence. It’s a place where they can start questioning why the sky is blue, experimenting with all their senses and being able to explain their new findings in conversations.
  6. This sharpens decision-making and cognitive skills. Preschool is often a child’s first chance to make their own choices.

The one not-so-secret benefit of preschool:
Peer Interaction!
It cannot be underestimated how important this is. Peer behavior is very different than that between siblings. Early education childcare bridges that gap and elementary school teachers can often see the behavioral differences between students who attended preschool, and those who didn’t.

At the Delphi Boston Preschool, our days are filled with reading readiness, daily art and hands-on math projects, physical education, basic handwriting and language skills, field trips, and lots of fun! If you’d like to find out more, fill out our online form.

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