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Think Outside the Box With These Back-to-School Activities

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Summer’s almost over and it’s time to start thinking about school. Finding the right icebreaker activities is important for new and returning students. Here are some back-to-school activities that are sure to delight every student:

The M&M Game:

This is a fun way to get students to share facts about themselves. Buy a few bags of M&M’s and pour them into a bowl. Give each student a cupful. Each turn a student grabs a color and answers a question based on what color they grab. For instance, if you grab red you tell the class something you do well, and if you grab orange you tell the class something you cannot live without. This is a great way to learn about each other and eat yummy snacks!

The “Know Your Neighbor” Game:

Another game to get to know each other, this one involves the whole class each time a question is asked. It might take a little pressure off the student when it is their turn. Write down a lot of “get to know you” questions on small pieces of paper. The student who is “it” picks a card, and writes their answer on a board without showing anyone. Then they read the question to the whole class. Together the class must guess what the student wrote down.

All Hands In:

This activity allows students to answer questions and get creative. Put together a list of questions for your students. Have them pick 10 questions of their choice from the list and answer them. They should be questions you can answer with one word or a short sentence. Have them trace their hands, cut them out, and write all the answers in colored pencils or markers on the paper hands. Then, have the students explain to the class what questions they chose, why, and their answers to each. If you place all the hands on the wall, you’ll have a nice decoration that unites the class!

Stacking Cups Challenge:

Get your students thinking and working together with this fun activity. All you need for the challenge are tiny plastic cups from the dollar store. Use two-packs of 24 cups per table, and ask the students to stack the cups to the tallest possible height in 30 minutes. This seemingly easy game is actually very tough! The students will have to work together the whole time to build their stack. At the end of the time period, students can present their ideas and final solution to the rest of the class. This will be action-packed, full of problem solving, and require lots of creative thinking!

Heading to school in the fall, whether to start preschool or eighth grade, can be intimidating. However, the more comfortable your students are the more fun everyone will have. Play these games this school year and quickly get an intimate and happy class!

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