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Top Tips on How to Make Friends at a New School

make friends at a new school

Going to a new school can be stressful. There are new teachers, new classes, and all new people. Making new friends is something we all do, whether it be in elementary, middle, or high school. Even college students have to make new friends! It may seem a little scary, but we have you covered. Here are some easy tips on how to make friends at a new school:

Be yourself

If you want to make good friends you’ll enjoy spending time with, it’s important to be yourself. If you try to be someone that you aren’t, you will end up making friends you don’t truly “click” with. Don’t worry about what people think, there is a friend out there for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move

If you see someone that interests you, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Often times they are looking for a friend too! By making the first move, other students will notice your confidence and will likely feel more comfortable approaching you.

Join clubs, sports teams and extracurricular groups

The best way to make friends in a new school is by joining plenty of school groups. This way, you will be spending time with people who have similar interests as you. You’ll likely have scheduled meeting times or practices, which means more time to get to know your peers.

Just have fun!

Put yourself out there and just have a good time! Transitioning to a new school can be scary, but if you loosen up and have fun, people are bound to notice. We all want to be around people who are fun and energetic, so go ahead and show people how fun you can be. Cheer on sports teams, perform in a talent show, do anything that will make you happy.

Making new friends doesn’t have to be hard. There truly is a friend out there for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding them. In a small private school such as Delphi Boston, making friends can be easy and fun. Try these tips and hopefully you’ll find friendships that will last you a lifetime.

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