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Warning Signs your Child is Struggling in School

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All parents want their child to grow to be a smart, successful intellectual. Usually, the first step on this path is being successful in school. Although there are many different types of school that provide different learning styles, the signs that your child might be struggling is the same in all settings.


No longer discusses school

Kids often moan and groan about having to go to school but they still find enjoyment in seeing their friends, participating in school activities, and are eager to learn. When this changes and your child no longer wants to even talk about his school day or can’t reiterate anything they’ve learned. The answer “I don’t know,” to your question about what they learned is all too common. This might be a sign that your child is struggling in school and starting to fall behind.

American writer and educator L. Ron Hubbard recognized the struggles students have and identified basic barriers that prevent a student from understanding. The basic fact is that students fail to learn because no one ever taught them how to learn—that is, how to identify the barriers to learning and how to overcome those barriers. To overcome these barriers and ensure a student could truly put his or her education to use, he developed a precise and simple set of tools he called Study Technology. With them, a student learns to recognize the signs of study difficulty and, most importantly, what to do about them. The basic concepts of Study Technology have been incorporated throughout the Delphi curriculum.


Concern from teachers

Dismissing what teachers say about your child is very common. Education takes teamwork. When students, faculty and parents together decide on common goals and line up as a team, almost anything can be accomplished. Teachers spend a large part of the day with your child and can often provide different insight. At Delphi Academy, we invest in parents as team players by providing good coordination and making available important information about a student’s program, goals and progress. We expect to share strategies and insights on tackling difficult areas of academic progress or personal growth. And we always work to strengthen a student’s relationship with his or her parents.


Spending excessive amount of time on school work

People have different strengths and weaknesses, for example, math might click quicker for you than it does for your cousin. That does not mean that you aren’t capable of learning and understanding the material, same goes for your child. If your child is spending hours longer on a subject trying to master it than their classmates, it’s a sign that they might need a little bit more help on the subject.


These are three basic signs that your child might need more direction or more one-on-one time in school. At Delphi Academy of Boston, we do our best to work with each child individually and guide them to be successful with their classwork. If you feel your child is still struggling on any subject just let us know and we will ensure that they master all aspects of the subject before any new work is put in front of them.

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