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Welcome to school!

School is in session!

To our returning students, welcome back! To our new students, we are so happy to have you! Thank you all for choosing Delphi Academy.

The first day of school is always exciting and full of things to see and new friends to make.  After an orientation of the school, students and teachers got into the swing of things and they were off!

Diving into reading, writing, PE and seminars it is clear that they take the subject of learning seriously.  We are very proud of our faculty and most thrilled with our incredible student body.  We look forward to seeing all the amazing things they will produce in the coming months.

It was a great first day and here’s to a wonderful year! 

Ashley Arruda studies with her classmates in Miss Trista's class.

Malik Ulysse and Lindsay Rene read their new checksheet.

Miss Rita's class plays during PE.

Miss Sibo helps Chais Williams and Sasha Shulkin with their writing.

Tristan Simmonds-Jones relaxes after art class.

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