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What Makes Delphi Boston Different?

Delphi Academy of Boston has a different method of teaching and studying than any other school. But what is it exactly that makes our school so different?


Starting in the Lower School, students are doing independent study guides (checksheets) such as; Measure a Foot, Globes, Clay Person, Continents, Grow a Plant, Address an Envelope, Making Invitations and Thank You Notes, Flat Shapes, and more. There are sixteen of these guides. These study guides are for 5, 6 and 7-year-old students. 


Throughout the Lower, Elementary and Middle School programs, students continue studying independently with an increasing gradient of subjects and their difficulty levels. They learn at their own pace which allows them to take the time they need to totally comprehend subjects. 


Not only are students studying at their own pace through an independent program, but we see everyday that they are truly excited to be learning while getting validated for knowing the information upon examination in Standards. They have a chance to see just how fun studying can be through practically applying data they learn in order to showcase to others and themselves that they can understand any subject they have the desire to explore. 


This is just a brief highlight of how different and incredible our school is. Schedule a tour today to see if our unique program is right for your child! We are excited to hear from you. 

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