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Parents’ Day 2011


On Saturday, June 11th, over 500 people, with standing room only, attended this year's spectacular Parents' Day celebration.  Amazing performances and inspiring graduates made this, as always, the best day of the year.


This year's Bike-A-Thon was a success!! Our students raised over $20,000 in sponsors for our new Science Lab! There were a couple students who biked 21 miles this past Saturday at Borderland State Park! Thank you to all the students and parents who participated, and thank you to everyone who donated to our new lab!

Below are some photos taken at the Bike-A-Thon:

Tea Time at the Park Plaza

Yesterday I hopped onto a field trip with our Elementary and Middle School students. They were heading into Boston for High Tea at the Park Plaza Hotel to practice their manners and tea time etiquette.

When I arrived and saw how well mannered our students were, I was very impressed! They were all seated nicely with their napkins on their laps, using a fork and knife to eat scones and finger sandwiches, paying attention to their hostess talking to them about the different teas they were drinking. Everyone of the students was so perfectly mannered, I don’t know who wouldn’t have been impressed by this magnificent display!

The students were not only getting educated on the flavors of the teas they were drinking, but they were learning about their histories. The students got the opportunity to drink a cup of the same tea which was dumped into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party; they all found this very interesting.

The Hotel was beautiful and very welcoming to our students. The food was exquisite and the tea was divine!

Summer Calendar

Our 2014 Summer Calendar is now up!

April Open House!

Fun in the Science Lab!

Our science lab has been quite buzzing recently! Our young Scientists can be found in the lab learning everything from how to use a microscope to how blood flows through the human body.

At any given time, we have students learning about how fossils are made at one table, students working on their How to Dissect checksheets at one table and students working on Microscope Basics on another table. At seperate times during the day students do a Science Seminar.

You can only imagine the excitement that goes on in that laboratory! Here are some fun pictures taken of the students in the lab.


Winter Newsletter

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February Newsletter

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Open House – 13 Feb 2011

Delphi Academy Student Wins Competion

Last month, Form Five student, Daniel Ronkin won a ballroom dancing competition. Competing against people of all ages, Daniel won first place in 11 of 12 dances, ranging from the Rumba to the Jive; he won second place in the twelfth dance. Only starting his dance classes last September, Daniel is already a Silver Level dancer who has competed in three different competitions.

Daniel is also part of a renowned vocal group called the Lucky Ten Ensemble. He has participated in singing competitions all over the world, including competitions in the Caribbean and Russia. He’s been with the Lucky Ten for four years, each year going to Carnegie hall to compete in the Golden Voices competition. In 2009 they won first place! He will be returning to Carnegie  Hall February 19th to perform a very famous German song called Papageno. He is currently preparing for a May performance of The Marriage of Figaro

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