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Why Private School?

Feb Blog 3

The debate between private versus public school has been going on for a very long time. There are benefits and downsides to both. The benefits, however, of a private school education might just outweigh those of public school. Here are a few benefits for your child, of a private school education so you can decide for yourself!

More One-On-One With Teachers

There are typically less students in private schools, and therefore the teacher to student ratio is less. This means that students can have more intimate relationships with teachers. They can see their teachers after class if they need help, and even set up one-on-one meetings depending on what is needed. Also, because of the more intimate setting, the students will feel more comfortable and at ease with the teachers. This invokes more questioning and potentially deeper understanding.

More Discussion + Benefits of Discussion

When there are less students in the class, there is more time for discussion with the teachers and the students. Discussion can be very valuable to a child’s education. It provokes thinking, geared toward action and solutions. This can be true for any subject such as, current events, literature, science, etc. It also allows students to hear their peers’ thoughts and further develop their conclusions as a result. The ability to hear other people out and evaluate information for oneself, is a highly valued ability in this world.

More Excursion Opportunities

With smaller classes, there is are also more opportunities for field trips and other outings. This doesn’t have to be for just general subjects, but can be for specialized interests. For example, with a small music class, students can visit local musicians, studios, concerts, etc., and learn from asking questions and watching people actually make music! There can also be more opportunities to explore different professions and businesses, which can greatly benefit students who are trying to figure out their place in the world.

Overall, there are many things that set private school education apart from public school education. These benefits are worth considering when making a decision about where you should send your child to school.

At Delphi, children can take advantage of all these opportunities and benefits. For more information about how we do this, visit our contact page!

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