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3 Ways to Personalize Education

personalize education

Students are always expected to meet the same standards of education and they go throughout their school years doing the same thing as everyone else. Although it is very important to get that basic knowledge, it is equally as important to get further knowledge in their respective areas of interest. It is not easy to make education personal for every student but it can be done and can make all the difference in making their education special. Here are a few ways to get started.

  • Projects
    Have students think of projects that they could do to discover more about their chosen careers or to figure out what they want to do! Set no limits and watch them become more involved in their education than ever before. The projects could range from a simple chemistry experiment (with assistance of course) to visiting a courtroom and sitting in on a trial. The benefits and the experience they gain will last them a lifetime.
  • Essays
    When students write essays they are usually expected to answer a question and give their own take on the issue as well. Just adding the question, “How can you apply this in your life?”, however, can make a huge difference. It gets the student to think about his future in a personal way with no pressure about grades. That part of the essay is mainly for him to think about his life, his goals, and his education. He can write whatever is true for him.
  • Be interested!
    Simply taking a few minutes to talk to your child or student about their lives and goals can motivate them more than you think. If they know someone is interested in their progress as a human being and not just a student, they will feel much more at ease. You may even be able to help them if they are feeling lost, or give valuable advice.

We are very focused on making education personal for our students and use these methods every day with great results! Visit our Facebook page to find out more about the Delphi Program in action or contact us directly!

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