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4 Tips For Staying Organized In The Classroom

Dec Blog 3

During these cold months it’s easy to let winter layers and clutter pile up in the classroom. Keeping students and yourself organized, however, is essential in order to function during the exciting holiday months. Here are a few ways to keep yourself and your students (or kids) organized!

  • Have A Place For Everything
    Create places where everyone can agree to put specific things. For example, a coat or sweater station at the door, a pencil tin at every desk, personal paper folders, etc. It can make traffic much smoother in the classroom, and there will be less complaints from your students and you!
  • Keep It Simple
    Students don’t need 15 different binders at their desks and neither do you. Make sure to organize things as simply as possible. Part of that is also throwing things away that aren’t needed anymore. Make sure, however, that they ask before throwing away!
  • Have Them Do Their Own Filing
    Usually filing is a task that teachers have to do that takes up a lot of time. Papers often pile up and your desk space starts to get cluttered and messy looking. It can also be easy to lose important things and can make things go slower for the whole classroom!

    A solution to this problem is to just have the students do their own filing. It doesn’t have to be hard and can be executed quite simply. Just label each student’s file clearly and have a designated area where all the folders are kept. When a student completes something make it a rule to have him immediately put it in his file! A little organization can go a long way, and save you loads of time.

  • End Of The Day Round Up
    At the end of each day set aside 5-10 to have the students go through their desks and backpacks and throw away trash, put papers in the right place, put books away, and file anything that needs to be filed. It can save a lot of time in the end. Plus, who wouldn’t want to come into a organized classroom every morning?

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