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4 Ways to Create Successful Elementary Study Habits

successful elementary school habits

It’s the start of a new school year, and your children are heading back to their classrooms. How successful they are in school, however, has a lot to do with you. Don’t worry, though! You’ve got this! Here are four tips you can follow to help your elementary student learn successful study habits:

1. Make Reading Fun

Do you like to read? If so, share your enjoyment with your child by making reading time a special part of the day. While a lot of parents read to their small children before they ever get to school, there is no reason to stop this tradition once he can read for himself! Many successful readers in high school, college and beyond can attribute their skill to their own parents loving to read out loud.

Now, if you don’t enjoy reading (and there’s no shame in admitting it), think about whether you can fit in some reading out loud time for the good of your child. Reading is one of the top skills needed for success in not just elementary school but in life. Also, if you take the time to read with your child every day you just might find that you start enjoying it more, too!

2. Show How Valuable Basic School Skills Are

Kids don’t learn very much when they don’t see what the point is in their school subjects. It’s just really hard to get interested in math if no one tells you what a fraction is actually good for. Find opportunities to show your elementary school child how all of these new subjects are actually used in the real world. A trip to the store can be a good lesson in math, while writing out the weekly shopping list could be the perfect time for a handwriting lesson. If your child sees that you really use these skills, he’ll be more interested in learning them, too.

3. Build Homework Habits

The homework demands on a kindergarten student will be very different than those of a fifth grader. While the fifth grader could already be bringing home pre-algebra exercises for you to scratch your head over, your kindergarten-aged child might be asked to do some reading at home or to work on a crafts project.

Whatever the homework assignments are, it’s a very good idea to get your child in the habit of having a dedicated homework slot every night. If this routine is established in elementary school, it will serve your child well all the way through his later schooling.

4. Participate in Your Child’s School Life

We know how busy you are, and the frequent activities that most schools put on will just make you busier. In order to help your child succeed, however. it’s a great idea to participate in as many school activities as possible. This could mean anything from PTA meetings to sports games. By showing a lot of interest in your child’s school and her life there, she will see just how much you value her and all of her efforts.

If you know anyone with children that could use some help boosting their children’s study habits, talk to a member of our Admissions Department today. Real help for the children of your friends is a phone call away.

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