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5 Benefits of a Music Education

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Is your son or daughter pounding down on a drum set or plucking out keys on the piano? Musical curiosity is a very natural childhood activity. It’s an activity that’s simultaneously exciting and educational. In fact, there are many benefits of a music  education for developing minds. We have five here but the full list is endless.

  1. The ability to read music also improves literacy and math skills. Music literacy is a lot like learning another language, and is best to learn when younger. Notes themselves are nothing more than fractions. Keeping a beat can be boiled down to math.
  2. Playing music is a rare activity that engages the entire brain. The act of playing an instrument uses the right side of the brain while discussing it is more on the left side.
  3. Being a part of an orchestra or band naturally builds cooperation skills. To play in any group, all members have to work together. Just like any sports team, it builds people skills everyone needs when growing up.
  4. Goal-setting is an integral benefit of a music education. To improve, a student must practice, with a successful performance or challenge as its reward. This also teaches good habits of actively working towards his or her goals.
  5. Music is an amazing creative outlet. There’s a reason why we connect with some songs more than others, and your child will see that becoming part of that process is a reward all on its own.

The arts are an incredibly opportunity for students to grow in nontraditional academic settings. For more information on how we incorporate the arts into the curriculum at Delphi Boston, contact us!

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