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5 Ways Your Child Can Help During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey

Thursday is Thanksgiving. It a day to feast, watch football and/or dog shows, cook, and spending time with loved ones. Sometimes, though, it can be a challenge to prepare and entertain the kids at the same time. Instead, why not let them participate? Here are five ways your child can help during Thanksgiving to let them be part of all the action.

  1. Decorate the tables
    Let your child tap into the festive side of their imagination! Small pumpkins and other gourds look great as centerpieces. And how will everyone know where to sit without their customized placecards? They can even get creative with fancy napkin foldings.
  2. Small kitchen tasks
    Depending on your child’s age, there are a number of things your son or daughter can do to help prepare for the grand feast. Salad spinning is suitable for any kid, as is mashing potatoes. Older kids can help out with dessert, after all making pumpkin pie isn’t very complicated. They’ll love being able to lick the bowl clean!
  3. Wanted: Recipe readers
    They may have the day off from school, but eager readers can practice their skills when they read off the recipes while you’re cooking. Not only does it keep the cookbook spill-free, your child can also learn the differences between a table and a teaspoon.
  4. Clean up!
    No one is too young to help clean after the meal and when everyone pitches in it all goes so much faster. Older kids can help with the dishes and storing leftovers in tupperware. Meanwhile, the younger ones can be on Paper Patrol, throwing out napkins, paper towels and any other paper products.
  5. Showing gratitude
    We saved the best for last. If your child is already a writer, ask them to write what they’re grateful for on a slip of paper. If they’re still developing this skill, feel free to help them with it. Then have all your other guests write down what they’re grateful for too. Then fill a bowl with the slips of gratitude. Everyone can take turns reading them out loud!

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and friends. So rather than just sitting the kids in front of the TV or an iPad, let your child help during Thanksgiving. Including them could even spark new traditions for next year!

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