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A Few Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in the Classroom


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As you probably already know, February is Black History Month! Schools all around the country are celebrating this month in their own unique ways. It always fun to teach with many resources aside from textbooks such as, art and literature. There are many social and political messages that can be taught with the art of those fighting for equality, so here are just few fun ways for you to celebrate and learn in school and at home!


You would be surprised by how much history you can you from poetry. Share poetry by black poets and have a discussion about the poem’s vocabulary, rhythm, and meaning. Here are a few poets and their wonderful and inspiring poems that are easily comprehendible.

Langston Hughes

-I, Too, Sing America
-Montage Of A Dream Deferred
-The Negro Speaks of Rivers

Maya Angelou

-Caged Bird
-Phenomenal Woman

Gwendolyn Brooks

-We Real Cool
-Speech To The Young: Speech To The Progress-Toward
-Sadie and Maud

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech

You can also celebrate this month by listening to Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech. A different part can be played and discussed every day.  Then invite students to write their own speeches about what they are inspired to change in the world!

You can also have the students connect issues and important events in the past, such as the civil right movement, with current issues and important events. For example, ask students to gather information with a focus on what social disparities exist today and how a particular leader has worked to change society (like Martin Luther King Jr. had done).


Teach songs of the civil rights movement such as, “This Little Light Of Mine”, and “Oh, Freedom”. You can also showcase various famous black musicians and their works of art. Black history has always been very connected to music and there are plenty of examples. Ensure to explore the political and social contexts of the music as well. You can start with traditional African music and continue through history with music such as soul, jazz, blues, and hip-hop.

Here is the page where we got some of the ideas, and there are plenty more to check out!: http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/article/28-ways-celebrate-black-history-month

For even more educational and fun ideas check out our Pinterest page, where we will be posting throughout the month: http://www.pinterest.com/delphiacademy/


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