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9 Awesome DIY Backyard Games for this Summer

Kids love summer because to them it means no school, spending long days outside, and enjoying the warm weather! However, parents often run into complaints of boredom and kids slumping in front of the TV or computer and wasting their summer away. To combat the summer slump we found nine awesome DIY backyard games from Pinterest that are easy to create and will provide your kids with hours of fun!

1. Jumbo Backyard Ker-Plunk Game

DIY summer activities

Bring a classic game to life with some simple materials. Kids will love the jumbo size and it’s a perfect activity to play outside.

2. Giant Jenga

DIY summer activities

Here’s another game that would be a lot of fun to play in jumbo size! Pick up some 2×4 boards from your local home improvement store and start your jenga game today! Bonus tip: have your kids get in touch with their creative side and have them decorate the boards.

3. DIY Passing Tarp

DIY summer activities

Start a friendly competition by seeing who can get the most points in a certain amount of throws or just have fun practicing their aim. You can easily make this game by taking an old tarp, cut out different shapes and line them out in colorful tape. For more fun, give each shape different point values.

4. Marble Race

DIY summer activities

This is super easy and super fun! All you have to do is cut a pool noodle in half, decorate it with a start and finish line, and then it’s race time!

5. Nature Scavenger Hunt

DIY summer activities

What better way to get the kids moving around outside than a nature scavenger hunt? They can search for common items such as a pine cone, flowers, or an unusual stick in your own backyard. Or, feel free to get a little more creative with older kids.

6. Bean Bag Toss

DIY Summer Activities

Drill different sized plastic buckets to a board and assign point values to the different buckets to create a friendly competition in your family. The simple activity of seeing who can get the most bean bags in the bucket will keep your kids entertained for hours!

7. Ice Block Treasure Hunt

DIY summer activities

This is the perfect activity for summer! Freeze some of their toys into an ice block, give them a few tools such as a screwdriver or hammer, and watch them work to get they toys out of the ice block.

8. Balloon Dart Board

DIY summer activities

Blow up balloons, staple them to a board, and watch your kids enjoy a classic carnival game in your own backyard. Mix it up by putting numbers in the balloons and have a corresponding prize for a certain number.

9. Glow in the Dark Ring Toss

DIY summer activities

Just because it’s getting dark doesn’t mean the fun needs to stop. Use glow sticks to play ring toss into the night! This would be a great activity for a 4th of July party, too!

For more fun activities to ward off the summer slump, take a look at our Pinterest boards.

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