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A Delphi Boston Alumni Update!

Delphi Boston students study a wide variety of subjects and are introduced at a young age to the technology of studying. Through our courses they, quite literally, are learning how to learn. This gives them ability to study whatever interests them, while they are at Delphi Boston and once they graduate and move on to Highschool and their Higher Education.

Because of this, it is always fun for our faculty, parents and current students to stay updated on where our alumni are and what they are up to. So as an update to our entire Delphi Boston family, team and supporters, we’d like to showcase a few highlights from this last year on just a few of our incredible alumni.

Seven years ago this amazing young man completed Form 5 (8th grade) and headed off to high school.  This year he is in his junior year at Harvard University.  We forever will be proud of Orvin. 

This alumna is featured for her design work by her alma mater.  We are so happy for Michelle!

So happy this alumna found her path to success. Elena is now a Brooklyn based Architectural Designer with an interest in the social impact that responsible and sustainable architecture can have on local and global communities.

We are on a roll sharing alumni success.  This alumna just graduated with her Masters Degree in Public Health this winter from the University of Massachusetts Medical School at Amherst!  So happy and proud of you Anika.

It is our goal for every child in our care to carve out their own unique path. If you’d like to hear more alumni successes, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have questions about what makes Delphi Boston so unique, do not hesitate to email or call. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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