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A Peek at a Week with the Third Grade Class.

Our third-grade class was zooming along with their reading this last week. We are also almost done learning how to write each of the letters in cursive.  We’ll wrap up with ‘z’ next week and then we’ll be writing in all cursive all the time beginning in January! We are all thrilled to see our third-grade classroom totally writing in cursive!

In math this week our third graders began learning about the Metric System of measurement and practiced measuring things in centimeters and meters. This weekend the class will be practicing figuring out how many minutes have passed and how many minutes are left before the new hour.

This week in social studies the class learned about two more colonies, Connecticut and Rhode Island and the Carolinas.  We are beginning to see how some of the early ideas of religious freedom and the separation of church and state begin to shape the country these colonies will become.

This week the class also focused on the holiday of Hanukkah.  We learned the story behind the holiday, made some dreidel mobiles, and tried some delicious latkes.  Next week we will focus on Kwanzaa

We love sharing parts of our week with our community of parents and potential-families! Delphi Boston is still open and offering in-person classes for our students. We are having a blast being able to see our students every day while following safety procedures.

If you have any questions or hold an interest in sending your child to Delphi Boston in January, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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