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At-Home Learning Tips!

Recently, our lives have become still and hectic at the same time. It’s a contradiction that we are all experiencing. Because of this, maintaining a solid schedule with your kids when it comes to their school work can be more difficult than you may have anticipated. It’s a new experience for all of us, and here at Delphi Boston we want to make sure that you and your family are making the best out of this confusing time as possible. Our team has come up with a few tips on managing your kids at home:


  1. Make a Schedule.
    This may be a simple tip, but it can completely change the way you are managing days at home. Come up with a schedule which you and your family are excited about. Get creative with it and make each day new and different, filled with exciting possibilities. It’s important that your kids know what to expect through the day and the week so that they have things to look forward to and to work hard towards.

  2. Have Morning Meetings.
    This is a great point in the day to go over the schedule, discuss how yesterday went and do some morning warm ups/stretches. This will get your kids ready to get started on what lies ahead.

  3. Schedule Zoom Calls.
    Schedule times for your kids to get on zoom calls with their favorite teachers at school. This is a great opportunity for the teachers to get an update on how your kids are doing and what they are learning. It will also offer up a bit more motivation for your kids to get things done before the zoom call.

  4. Use the Internet/School Resources.
    Find out if your school is producing any online classes or zoom lessons so that your kids can join in on an activity with a group. If this is unavailable, there are plenty of online resources available with free classes that your kids can attend. You might even schedule your very own zoom call with other parents so that their kids can join in on the class with your family.

  5. Feed and Water your Kids Often.
    Snack time is a must when it comes to working with kids. Put break times through your daily schedule for breaks so that your kids can get a healthy snack before getting back to work. This will not only keep them productive, but in a good mood!

We hope that some of these tips are helpful on your journey. If you have any questions about how Delphi Boston is handling distance learning, don’t hesitate to contact us directly through our website! Happy learning! 

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