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Back to School Preparation

School is just around the corner which means it’s time to start preparing for the incredible year that is about to commence! We put together a list of tips that we hope make the transition from Summer to Fall less stressful and more exciting.

  1. Prepare yourself and the kids for early mornings by getting everything all set the night before. Being totally ready for school in the morning makes everything far less hectic. As school is approaching, start having the kids get to sleep at a more reasonable time in order to get their sleeping patterns set up for early mornings.
  2. Shop for back to school supplies. This can be a very fun time for you and the kids. It gets everyone more organized and incredibly more excited for the year ahead!
  3. Create a homework station for your kids so that they have a cute and quiet space that they wouldn’t mind spending time doing math and reading in. A nice space to work in will make doing homework that much easier.
  4. Plan out healthy, creative and simple meals and packable lunches with the kids. Not only is this a great way for you to plan ahead, but it also gives your kids more ownership of what they are packing and it’s a great way to start teaching them about healthy eating choices.
  5. Create an after-school game plan with the kids. Set up a chore, homework and family time schedule for the week so that everyone stays organized. This is also a great way to teach time-management skills!
  6. Review school materials so that your kids are prepared and ready to hop right back into it!

We hope you find our back to school tips helpful this fall! Here’s to a fantastic school year filled with fun and new experiences.

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