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The Best Foods for the Brain



The food we eat directly affects the way our brain functions, and so it’s important to know what we put in our bodies. Here are eight foods you should eat more of to strengthen your brain:


  1. Avocados are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. They are packed with the “good” kind of fat, keeping blood sugar levels steady and your skin glowing. Avocados help to prevent blood clots in the brain as well as improve memory and concentration.
  2. Beets are some of the most nutritious vegetables you can eat. They reduce inflammation, are high in cancer-protecting antioxidants and help to increase blood flow to the brain.
  3. Because blueberries are one of the highest antioxidant-rich foods known to man they protect our brain from degeneration and stress.
  4. Broccoli is high in Vitamin K and Vitamin C which helps to keep your memory sharp.
  5. Coconut oil works as a natural anti-inflammatory, suppressing cells responsible for inflammation. It can help with memory loss as you age and destroy bad bacteria that hangs out in your gut.
  6. Dark Chocolate can actually be good for you, especially your brain! It can lower blood pressure and increase blood flow to both the heart and the brain.
  7. Salmon is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids which help to get rid of brain fog and improve memory.
  8. Turmeric is one of the most powerful (and natural) anti-inflammatory agents. Turmeric also helps boost antioxidant levels and keep your immune system healthy, while also improving your brain’s oxygen intake, keeping you alert and able to process information.

Why do we care about this? Because brain power equals learning power!

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