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Busy Schedules in School and 3 Ways to Handle Them

Busy Schedules

Busy schedules are inevitable during the school year.

It will only get busier after graduating and moving on to high-school, college and beyond. This is why it is so important to develop organizational skills now to help you handle your schedule and manage your time so you can fine-tune them by the time you graduate.

There are beyond just basic obligations of deadlines for school work, projects and other assignments. Many students also juggle sports, extracurriculars, etc. It takes learning planning and organizing to know how to effectively manage your time. 

So how does one go about this seemingly impossible task? Here are a few tips for you to start:

Utilize a planner!

Using a physical planner, Google Calendar or Google Tasks is the beginning of organizing your time for optimal productivity. 

To try and remember everything you need to do in your head can lead to forgetfulness and higher stress levels. Write out everything you need to get done, day to day, week to week, etc., makes your To Do List easier to confront. 

If you’re just getting started organizing your schedule, check out this amazing resource on how to begin. 

Try not to procrastinate. 

It’s easy to fall into procrastination. Especially if you’re not fully integrated into your routine. Specifically if you’ve gotten home after a long day from school and want to go on your phone.

It’s important to explore and find study and motivation habits that will help you to quit procrastinating and replace it with productivity. It could be that the hardest part is just getting started. Once you start developing a routine and know how to motivate yourself to get working, it starts to get much easier to continue.  

Leverage downtime productively. 

If you notice there are moments in your day when its the perfect opportunity to hop on your phone and start scrolling, figure out how to leverage this time to do something productive. Whether that be updating your To Do List, looking up something you might have missed in class, or starting on a project. Get ahead of the deadlines you have when there is dead time. You’ll be grateful for this later due to your busy schedules.

Work ahead of your schedule and prep ahead of time.

Many students like to review the material before the class to understand it more completely. You should try to do something similar with your schedule.

If you know that the following day, you have limited time in the morning or a very busy day, try to pack your bag the night before and prepare some snacks so you can fuel your day! 

Start building off of these important habits now. Your busy schedules will only get busier. Once you get to high school and beyond you will have a reliable system for organizing and motivating yourself that you can rely on!

Being a school based on independent learning, Delphi Boston naturally leads students down the path to understanding organizational skills. The school helps to teach them how to personally motivate themselves in and out of the classroom. This allows them to keep learning, and develop a passion for learning. Learn more about Delphi Boston today!

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