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Why is a proper bedtime is important for your kids?

Getting your kids to bed early has more benefits than you may think. Research is proving that sleep can reduce your child’s risk of obesity and catching a cold as well as increase success in school.   Parents can generally tell when their kids aren’t getting enough sleep by their disposition in the morning and. . . Read More

Does Musical Talent Affect Math Skills?

This is a tricky equation – reading musical notes is about seeing and understanding patterns, much like solving mathematical equations. Science has been trying to discover the correlation between these two for quite a long time! Does music help with math, or does math help with music? While there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence that. . . Read More

Finish the School Year Strong!

School is the perfect place for kids to grow socially and mentally, but it can be hard to stay focused when we know summer if just around the corner. Teachers and students alike get excited about the upcoming summer break. A few months to enjoy outdoor activities and focus on spending more time with friends. . . Read More

How Weather Affects Us

Living in the Northeastern part of the country exposes us to many different types of weather. Over the past two months we experienced multiple snow storms but we also graced with warm sunny days in between. The weather affects our daily activities, but does it also affect how we learn or feel? As the year. . . Read More

38th Annual Bike-A-Thon

Delphi Academy of Boston is looking for sponsors for the 38th annual Bike-A-Thon. This is a fun opportunity for students to ride their bikes and fulfil an opportunity to give back to their school. Get your old bike out, oil up the chain and come out to support our students. Our students would be delighted. . . Read More

How To Choose The Best Summer Camp For Your Child

For years, summer has be thought of as a time of the year where there’s no school and no worries – if you are a student at least. While kids may be excited that they get nearly three months off of school, it can be detrimental to their education the following school year. They hit. . . Read More

The Importance of Writing

Being a competent writer is one of the most beneficial skills a student can have. Writing is the primary basis of communication, history and art. The Delphi Academy of Boston strives to offer students the necessary skills they need to become great writers. It is a form of self expression and is a platform to. . . Read More

Is your child struggling or excelling in school?

The majority of students who are falling struggle with learning difficulties or are not able to focus because of things they either don’t comprehend or because they unknowingly skipped a stepped somewhere back in the lesson. If your child is only struggling with one subject an after school tutor could be extremely helpful in this. . . Read More

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? A History Lesson From Delphi Academy of Boston

  As the new year arrives, millions of people choose a New Year’s Resolution to inspire a healthy change in their life. Where did this tradition come from? And why do we continue to have New Years resolutions even though most of us give up on them by the end of January? While resolutions are. . . Read More

Recognizing Delphi Bostons Finest

Over the 2017 fall term, we have had the chance to celebrate numerous students for their outstanding academic achievements. Over 20 students have been honored with the Dean’s list award or have been recognized at their colleges for academic excellence. We are very proud! To receive the Dean’s list award students have to have turned. . . Read More

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