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Why is a proper bedtime is important for your kids?

Getting your kids to bed early has more benefits than you may think. Research is proving that sleep can reduce your child’s risk of obesity and catching a cold as well as increase success in school.   Parents can generally tell when their kids aren’t getting enough sleep by their disposition in the morning and. . . Read More

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Kindergarteners

Every parent wants to ensure that their child has a positive experience when they start kindergarten. Sometimes it’s even harder for a parent to adjust to this new stage in life for their children.  Here are seven simple, but important strategies to help you and your child prepare for kindergarten.   A Healthy Kid is. . . Read More

A Parent’s Review of Delphi Academy of Boston

The Delphi Program: The Learning Process Here at Delphi Boston, our education program is personal. By understanding the fundamentals of the learning process itself, our students are equipped with the tools needed to see beyond challenges. They discover that any lack of success in learning can be traced back to causes they can control, and. . . Read More

Thank You to All of Our Students, Families, and Faculty for a Wonderful 2016

In the pajama drive image: First row (from left): Makenzie Harrison, Justin Phillips, Darius Katro-Gumbs.  Second row (from left): Caleb Marquez, Nailah Hazelwood, Morgan Phillips.  Third Row: Christian Phillips. To wrap up an amazing year, we celebrated the holiday season this past December with our holiday show! All month long, we held our annual coat. . . Read More

Why We Focus on Practical Application in Schooling

The Delphi Academy of Boston teaching philosophy includes helping children to develop their ability to evaluate information against how that information will be useful in the real world. We focus on practical application in our schooling for several reasons. These are: Empowerment Students who learn rote knowledge are not empowered to use that knowledge. By. . . Read More

Is Summer Camp Worth It?

We all have fond memories of long, lazy summer days. Many of us also have great memories of fun and friends at summer camp or summer school. However, as a parent it can be hard to judge what kind of memories you want to provide your child. Summer Learning Loss Happens Every Year Did you. . . Read More

How to Keep Your Child Learning During Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner. While children often have an entire season off, most parents have to keep working and therefore are not able to allot the time a school teacher may be able to dedicate to keeping up their child’s education over the summertime. However, there are ways that parents with a full-time. . . Read More

Five Powerful Teaching Techniques to Use at Home

Here at Delphi Boston, we use a number of teaching techniques to help our students stay engaged in the classroom and really learn. We wanted to share five of these techniques with you, so that you can utilize them in the home and as your child moves through life. Here are five of our teaching. . . Read More

How to Get your Child More Engaged in Fifth Grade Studies

Fifth grade is an important grade. For many, it is the last year of elementary school. It also, unfortunately, can be a grade in which some children stop enjoying school and become uninterested in school subjects. This lack of engagement or challenge can stop your child from doing well in later schooling, from high school. . . Read More

Eight Fun Spring Break Activities for Your Family

Spring Break runs from April 18th through April 22nd here at the Delphi Academy of Boston. It can be hard for busy parents to keep their children occupied throughout this week without resorting to television. We work with parents to provide students with real-life experiences instead of the manufactured adventures found on the screen. That’s. . . Read More

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